How to Add a SCORM Course into Saba LMS


Spring-generated eLearning courses are greatly supported by the Saba LMS.

Choose the eLearning standard of your course and check out the step-by-step guide below:

  1. 1 After logging in to your Saba account, select Content Administration from the drop-down list in the upper right corner of the screen.

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  2. 2Choose the catalog to which the course will be uploaded. In our account, we have chosen the catalog CP_ISPRING.

  3. 3After the list of existing content items appears, click Import above the list.

  4. 4 Enter the name of the course and fill out all required fields.

    Security Domain – The domain that was set up for the Saba LMS. Usually it’s selected by default.
    Content Format – Choose SCORM Package from the drop-down list.
    Leave the rest of the settings by default and click Next.

  5. 5 Then you need to specify the URL to launch your SCORM course and click Import.

    Browse for the zip-archive with your SCORM course. In the Content Server field choose Default Saba Content Server and click Import.
  6. 6 Now we have uploaded our SCORM package to the LMS. If your course won’t be scored, just click Return to Repository. Now you can preview your course by clicking Preview Content.

    After the preview, you can view the communication log to make sure the course runs properly in the LMS. To view the log click View Content Communication Log.

  7. 7If your course implies scoring, it has to be specially configured. Click Edit and select the checkbox Is Scoring. In this window you can also set the expiration date and other settings.

    In the warning window that will appear, click Close. Then click Save.

  8. 8Now the course should be registered so that students could view it. Select Catalog Administration from the drop-down list in the upper right corner.

  9. 9Choose Courses in the left menu. <

  10. 10Then click Quick Courses.

  11. 11In the Delivery Type field select Web Based Training and click Next.

  12. 12Enter the name of the course and specify language.

    Leave the rest of the settings by default and click Finish.
  13. 13To make the course available for students, make sure that you select the Display for Learner checkbox. Save the changes.

  14. 14Then choose the Learning Assignments tab on the top on the page. Put your mouse cursor over the Add Learning Assignments hyperlink and click Attach Content.

  15. 15 In the opened window, unroll the list of content items and select the required SCORM package. If the package is not on the list, click Refresh and check once again. Then click Add Assignment Details.

  16. 16Now you can adjust required settings: define the number of attempts (Attempts on Content), specify the passing score (Mastery Score), and other settings.

  17. 17After you’ve added the LMS package, publish it by clicking Save and Publish.

  18. 18In the opened window, adjust required settings by selecting checkboxes. Then click Save.

Our SCORM course is ready for viewing. Now you can share it with your students.

If you still have any questions, please ask them in our Community Forum.

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