July 29, Friday 2:00 pm IST 1 hour

What Is eLearning Definition, Examples, and QuickStart Guide

What Is eLearning Definition, Examples, and QuickStart Guide


Balvinder Dhadli

Customer Success Manager


1 hour

From snail-mail correspondence courses to comprehensive digital training, distance learning has come a long way and has now reached its prime as eLearning. Today, it’s no longer a novelty but a booming industry. According to statistics from Ambient Insight, the global eLearning market will continue to grow by 5% yearly, and in time will replace offline formats. eLearning continues to gain ground in the corporate sector. Businesses implement it to develop their staff, streamline their processes, and extend their reach. So what is eLearning in a real-world context and why is it so attractive? Let’s have a look.

The term eLearning was coined by US learning guru Elliott Masie in November 1999, when he delivered his speech at the Tech Learn Conference: “eLearning is the use of network technology to design, deliver, select, administer, and extend learning.” In 2000, eLearning was revolutionized as a technology with the release of OLAT, the first open-source learning management system. That year also saw the release of the first version of SCORM, a standard that enables users to package content and distribute it within an LMS. In the early 2000s, mobile devices became more and more prevalent, and took the form of smartphones and tablets. They were no longer used just to make calls: people watched videos, read books, and played games on their phones. That prompted cellular companies to improve mobile connectivity, a race that continues to this day. Mobile devices are now a popular choice to access eLearning, both for businesses and general education. Want to know more about the of e-learning? Join this webinar

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Balvinder Dhadli

Balvinder is an e-learning expert at iSpring who always dives deep into client’s needs to find the best possible solution. He has a great deal of experience working with multinational organizations from different Industries. He is confident that an appropriate e-learning solution will help them reach their e-learning goals and realize success quickly.

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