December 15, Tuesday 12:00 pm EST 1 hour

20 ways I save money running my online real estate school with iSpring

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Susan Davis

Certified Real Estate Instructor


1 hour



Have you ever wondered what it would take for you to run a profitable eLearning business?

Creating an online school that’s fully compliant with current regulations, building courses that are both useful and engaging for your learners (no matter how boring a topic is), and hiring professional employees are just a few.

Sounds as though you need a vast amount of time and money to start and support such a business, right?

In this webinar, distance education instructor and real estate expert Susan Davis will share how iSpring helps her cope with all the challenges with ease and allows her to run an online school all on her own. You’ll learn how iSpring Market, bundled with the iSpring Suite authoring toolkit, makes it easy to adhere to all requirements, provide an outstanding learning experience for students, and save time and money.

We’ll discuss the following topics:

  • How iSpring products can positively impact the bottom line of regulatory schools
  • How regulatory educational requirements differ from corporate training needs
  • How iSpring’s creative tools can make regulatory courses interesting and engaging

Seats are limited, so it's time to save one. See you at the webinar!

About the presenter

Susan Davis

Susan Davis is a certified real estate instructor with over 25 years of experience and the founder of the first certified real estate distance education schools in the US. She now works as a distance education consultant and runs an online school using iSpring Market, where she acts as administrator, instructor, content creator, marketer, and support agent all at once.

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