How can I return the lost files back to the presentation?
Find quizzes (.quiz), interactions (.visuals), dialog simulations (.visuals), etc. on your computer and insert them back into the presentation by adding new slides and selecting “Browse” instead of creating new files
Is it okay if I store and work with projects on external drives or OneDrive?
We highly recommend that you work on your project only on local drives. Don’t keep the files created with iSpring Suite on online shared drives or external ones. Why? iSpring Suite might not have access to your local drives to create temporary files when your presentation is being created and saved.
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I transferred my presentation to another directory on the PC and renamed it, and now all my interactions, quizzes, etc. are lost. Where can I find them?
Move the presentation back to where it was created together with its source folder and put the old name back. Keep both the PowerPoint file and the source folder together under the same name, as they are connected.
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How can I share my project with my colleagues without losing all the files?
Send them both the PowerPoint file and the source folder automatically created by iSpring that contains quizzes, interactions and other files created or added with iSpring Suite Learn more
Can I install iSpring Suite on MAC?
At the moment, iSpring Suite is available for Windows OS only. We are already working to make iSpring Suite compatible with other operating systems, but right now, you can install iSpring Suite only on a Windows-based computer. You can also install Windows on your MAC computer.
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