Train retail staff online and boost sales and customer service

Quickly onboard new hires, launch product knowledge courses, train customer sales and service techniques, and track your staff's progress in real-time.
iSpring Learn LMS
With iSpring Learn, you can cut in-person training costs and effectively train your sales reps, cashiers, merchandisers, customer service assistants, and other retail staff online.

Why retail businesses choose to train employees online
Instructor-led training blows the budget
Sales reps lack product knowledge
Customer service quality drops
As the company scales, ILT costs grow dramatically, while the company has less control of and confidence in sales reps' knowledge and skills.
Sales reps across multiple locations might follow different procedures and, as a result, provide inconsistent levels of customer service.
As the product line expands, employees might confuse different products, thereby misleading and losing clients.

Help new hires get up to speed faster

Onboarding training

How iSpring helps train retail employees

Keep employees up to date with new products, procedures, and promotions

Product training
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With iSpring, you can effectively deliver important information to all employees and make sure they've paid attention to it. For example, if you're launching a new product, you can quickly put together a product course and assign it to all sales reps and customer service assistants.
They can view the content from their computers or smartphones and you'll be able to track who opened the file and who needs more encouragement.
Whether you need to rapidly train dozens of seasonal employees or you're expanding and looking for ways to ramp up staff in new locations, iSpring will give you a quick start.
Upload instructions, job descriptions, product catalogs, and checklists to the iSpring LMS and your onboarding program is ready to go. Assign it to all newcomers and rest assured every employee is getting the same consistent welcome training.

Train staff on sales techniques in a risk-free environment

When you need to train your sales reps on communication, customer service, or sales techniques, an in-person training session is not your only option. With iSpring, you can turn your trainer's scripts into interactive online role-plays.
Dialogue simulations
During a role-play, a salesperson interacts with a client on the screen, tries out different scenarios, and gains confidence, without the risk of losing a sale. And you can provide valuable feedback on every step of the simulation.

Reinforce knowledge and support learners with live sessions

iSpring is integrated with Zoom, the powerful service for arranging webinars and online meetings. You can combine your self-paced learning courses with live sessions to make sure every staff member across all shops and locations are on the same page.

Webinars in Zoom
Both online courses and webinars can be scheduled in an easy-to-manage calendar on the iSpring learning portal.

Assess employees and help them exceed at their jobs

With iSpring, knowledge assessment in your company can be set to autopilot. Enhance your courses with effective online quizzes to check knowledge retention after each chapter or module.

Online quizzes
As employees complete quizzes, their results are automatically compiled into actionable, easy-to-read reports so you can immediately identify and fill skill and knowledge gaps.

Track your sales reps' progress in real time

With iSpring, you can see the whole picture of your retail employees' skills and knowledge. The system collects all the statistics and assessment results of every store, department, and employee.

Learning analytics
You can use the reports to identify underperformers and help them upgrade their level of service.

Make content available anywhere and anytime

iSpring LMS comes with a native mobile app that works on tablets and smartphones. Employees can take courses and quizzes whenever they have time, say, on their way home or when things are slower on the sales floor.

Mobile learning

Even a poor internet connection won't be an issue, because through the app, they can also access the content offline.
Retail businesses worldwide choose iSpring
Success stories from our retail customers
With iSpring, we launched our first eLearning program, trained 113 employees from various locations across the globe in three months, and created 5 learning tracks for two of our brands: Bioderma and Esthederm.

From a financial point of view, we've cut travel expenses to a quarter of the previous cost. Before iSpring, each of our 4 international trainers made over 14 business trips a year, each of which cost us roughly €1,000.
We cut training expenses to a quarter of the previous cost

Thanks to iSpring, our employees can take training whenever their schedules allow. Currently, we have more than 300 courses available 24/7 on their learning portal.

The mobile app allows field-based managers to download courses to be available offline. From a usability perspective, iSpring Learn is very easy. It looks almost like Netflix! Because it has such a familiar user interface, our rollout was very smooth.

We're training more than 250 employees across the country

With iSpring Learn LMS, not only could we provide learning materials to sales reps, but we could also see how much time they spent on a certain topic, which content items were popular, etc. We also started using iSpring as a presentation tool for our marketing activities.

So far, we have 548 different courses in the account and reached 94 sales representatives and managers. Our response rate is 100% for active users who need iSpring for their daily routine on the field.
We have reached over 90 people in 7 countries in less than a year
In 2016, we increased staff by 20% and opened three new offices. We were looking for a quick and effective way to train new employees. Instructor-led training wasn't an option, because new hires would have to live in Moscow for 2 months to get certified training.

With eLearning powered by iSpring, we reduced onboarding time from 2 months to 3 weeks. New hires could get up to speed much faster. As a result, our offices were able to increase the volume of incoming orders several times over.

With iSpring, we've made onboarding two times faster

Igor Gaponov
Training Center Head at Honeywell
Ahmed Taha
Training Manager at NAOS Bioderma
Josephine Poelma
Executive Director of Learning and Development at Oticon, Inc.
Ivan Vukoja
Business Development Director at L'Oréal Adria-Balkan
Award-winning eLearning software
iSpring wins prestigious awards every year from top industry analysts such as the Brandon Hall Group, Capterra, eLearning Industry, G2 Crowd, to name a few.
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