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iSpring Learn helps companies streamline employee training and development in every branch or department.

New hire onboarding

With iSpring, new employees can take an initial training program online. This way, they achieve performance goals faster and don’t distract their colleagues from work.

With iSpring Learn when new people are coming on board, we assign them the training, they take it on their own time, and it's very convenient for everyone. Plus we have records of what people have taken and if they've completed the courses.

Leslie Cutter,


Product training

iSpring helps employees in each branch and department keep up to date with product line updates and always have the freshest data at their fingertips.

They were overjoyed at how engaging this was and how it would save them time and money. Would you want to sit in front of someone for hours listening to them talk about boring insurance benefits or watch a video at your convenience and take a fun, interactive quiz? It’s a no-brainer!

Donna Huffman,

McGohan Brabender

Employee assessment

With iSpring, companies can assess skills and knowledge automatically and always have a clear picture of how competent each employee is in their jobs.

We have updated our Agent and Nurse Update process to iSpring. This has provided us with the tracking we need for compliance audits, and our nurse teams have been able to reduce a lot of manual tracking.

Junellen Neese,


Learning Goes Beyond the Classroom with iSpring

Employees can access training materials from all devices: laptops, tablets, and smartphones. They can even learn offline, using our app for iPad and Android.

That means employees can complete courses, take tests, and go over learning content whenever it’s comfortable for them: at home or on the road, in a cafe or in the workplace during breaks.

Even More Data about the Quality of eLearning

With iSpring’s detailed statistics, it’s easy to see who’s studying and who’s missing classes. You can track the results of different departments, monitor learner progress and completion rates, or keep an eye on the individual performance of each learner.

Improve the effectiveness of your training

Use LMS analytics and learners’ comments to enhance courses and advance your online training strategy.

Overall level of expertise: 87,23%

Effortless Planning

iSpring helps you manage activities on your training calendar: plan online courses, live trainings, workshops, and webinars. Everything is in one place — you don’t need to use Excel sheets to keep track of things, or manually send invitations to learners.

For example, you can send webinar invitations only to those students who have successfully completed a course; or, arrange a workshop only for those who attended all webinars.

World Famous Brands Choose iSpring

Thousands of businesses worldwide use iSpring eLearning software to train their employees and boost performance.

iSpring clients come from a wide range of industries, including airline and automotive, oil and gas, banking and insurance, retail, IT and education.

years on the eLearning market
clients from all over the world
companies from the Fortune 500

iSpring tools’ quality is recognized by world-renowned industry experts

The LMS is ideal for any small business because it packs just enough features to enhance and empower learning.

Craig Weiss

CEO and Lead Analyst for Craig Weiss Group, LLC

See user reviews for iSpring Learn
at Capterra

Gold Brandon Hall Award for Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for SMB (2018)

The Leader in Best Course Authoring Software at G2Crowd

#1 in Top 25 Learning Management System Category Leaders Q2 2018 at GetApp

#3 in Top 20 LMS Based on Customer Experience by eLearning Industry

#3 in Top 20 LMS Based on User Experience by eLearning Industry

FrontRunner for Learning Management, February 2018 at SoftwareAdvice

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iSpring Key Features

Manage the online learning process from A to Z

Fully integrated authoring tool

Easily develop eLearning courses, quizzes, video lectures, and simulations, and upload to the LMS in just a few clicks.

Unlimited storage space

We put no limit on GBs or number of files. You can use as much space as you need and upload unlimited content items: courses, videos, presentations, etc.

Learning paths

You can develop a specific learning path for each department, and monitor employees’ progress as they master new skills.


With live webinars, you can train many employees from different departments at the same time. And, should some learner miss the class, they can use the recording to catch up.

Events calendar

Assign and manage live trainings, workshops, and webinars on a single screen of iSpring Learn. All your activities are well-organized, and you’ll no longer have to constantly switch between your LMS, Excel sheets and to-do lists.


Add game elements to your training to engage learners and motivate them to conquer new peaks. Award points and badges when your learners complete their assignments, and inspire them to achieve more with ratings.

Handy user management

You can easily manage learners within your system. For example, you can create a temporary account for an employee in training, or quickly form a learning group by sending a registration link to the members.


Apply your corporate style to the learning portal. You can change colors, logo and URL with just a few clicks on the dashboard.

Learning offline with mobile app

Employees can take learning courses even if there’s no Internet connection; for example, while traveling by train or plane.

Advanced reporting

Track learners’ progress in real time. With 23 types of reports, it ‘s easy to analyze and visualise the effectiveness of your learning strategy.

Online assessment

Quickly test learners’ knowledge with interactive quizzes and surveys.


Set up certificates that learners will receive upon completing a course or passing a quiz.

Engage Employees to Learn

With iSpring, you can quickly turn your plain documents, specifications and slides into interactive and captivating games, video lectures and simulations.

Video lectures

A presentation combined with a speaker video makes a beautiful video lesson.

Dialogue simulations

Perfect for training communication skills and strategies. For example, you can simulate a conversation with an angry or emotional customer.

Gradual Implementation of eLearning with iSpring

At the beginning stages, you can start with just a few learners, e.g., members of one department. Later, you will be able to upgrade your subscription plan to add other teams and departments, scaling online learning across your entire company.

Professional Support Team

83% of cases get resolved in 2 hours

iSpring support engineers will promptly help you with any product-related questions. To help beginners master the software, they regularly host webinars and create video lessons.

The Technical Side

Data security guarantee

Your content and statistics are securely stored on US-located servers. The system creates backups at several data centers simultaneously — and this is just one of the 15 security measures we use.

Cloud or on premise

iSpring Learn is a cloud-based solution, and all the data is stored on iSpring’s servers. We also can deploy the system on your own servers so it’s in complete control of your organization.

Tailored solution

We actively use customer feedback to make our system even better. Upgrades are released every month. If you have any specific requests (e.g., to add a new report, or to set domain aliases), contact us for a personalized solution.

Compliant with international eLearning standards

iSpring solutions support modern eLearning standards: SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004.

Success Stories from iSpring Customers

Thousands of companies from all over the world use iSpring to train their employees.

We implemented iSpring for Marketing & Sales Training around the globe

We needed a LMS to train digital marketers around the world, at their convenience. The tracking and reporting was important as well as it working in all countries. Which iSpring does! It was also the best value amongst several LMS we reviewed.

If you want to begin working right away and avoid a long implementation, iSpring is great! We are using the system successfully from the U.S. to China.

Working with iSpring is easy as it incorporates right into Power Point. Their support has been responsive and wonderful to work with. We also love being able to customize the look and the training certificates with our internal department's brand.

Leslie Cutter

Head of International Marketing at Moxa

We have a single source for authoring and learning

We first started using iSpring Learn LMS in 2010, and we still use iSpring Learn exclusively for our online training. We also heavily rely on iSpring Suite for our authoring needs. We use it to prepare PowerPoint presentations for uploading to the LMS.

I really like the flexible iSpring pricing plans. It has allowed us to start small and grow. Right now we have a pricing plan for 250 users, but I foresee the need to upgrade soon.

iSpring provides robust authoring tools and a compatible learning management system for a reasonable price. All that gives educators the ability to create flexible, comprehensive, and entertaining eLearning content, and then deliver it in a professional manner.

Mike Lynch

the President of CNC Concepts, Inc.

We have created a learning portal for thousands of employees

With iSpring, we deployed a learning management system for all our employees and even personnel from partner banks. Now all staff members have access to 126 learning courses (certification programs, open courses, audio lectures, workshops, etc.).

iSpring LMS has met all the requirements we had: mobility, customizable interface, ease of use, flexibility. Now every Alfa Capital employee can become a stock market pro.

The employees also really appreciated that learning content is available on mobile devices, which enables them to learn anytime and anywhere they want.

Yury Grigoryan

Head of HR at Alfa Capital Asset Management

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