How to make the HTML5 presentation full screen on the iPad?

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A HTML5 presentation can be easily run full screen on your iPad. To hide the address bar of Safari browser, you need to save a bookmark of a web page with the HTML5 presentation to your Home screen. In this article you will learn how it is done.

  1. In a Safari browser window, navigate to the webpage with your HTML5 presentation you would like to view full screen. After locating your presentation, tap on the Arrow icon located at the top of your screen.

  2. In a drop-down menu shown, tap on Add to Home Screen.

  3. Now you can customize the suggested name of the icon to your liking. It will be displayed as a title on your Home screen. Once you are done, tap on the Add button.

  4. You should be taken to your Home screen where a new icon will appear.

  5. If you tap on the newly created icon, the web page with your HTML5 presentation will be launched full screen, without Safari toolbars.

    You can enable slide thumbnails or slide notes using the Menu button or the player.

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