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 In my opinion, iSpring is the only tool that supports triggers, animations and other key features of PowerPoint.

— Dustin Bauman The owner of iApproach, USA

Success stories

In the following case studies, different e-Learners demonstrate how they used iSpring to create rich-media courses, interactive apps, an online revision resource, and much more.

Greggory DeVore

Director of the Fetal Diagnostic Centers

  I’ve developed a way to create interactive applications for mobile devices with the help of iSpring. Those academics who have great ideas, but are not programmers can take advantage of it.

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Rick Zanotti

President and Founder, RELATE

  Together with Relate Corporation we develop custom software for many large companies. Apart from e-Learning, iSpring allows us to develop marketing demos and other multimedia solutions.

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Mark Wilcock

Learning Technology Development

  Me and the LTD team at Edge Hill University experimented with iSpring authoring tools as a way to aid both faculty and students in their online teaching experience for blended learning in higher education.

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Dimitri Roman

Senior trainer at a Security Company

  I would recommend iSpring for all who want to start Single Source Publishing in PowerPoint. iSpring is the only tool that does a true 1 to 1 conversion without the need to tweak additional settings in the tool.

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Nalin Dubey

E-Learning Architect in New Delhi

  I have been developing and delivering rich media courses for offline school education on CDs and DVDs using iSpring, while being sure of content security with iSpring’s remarkable protection features.

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Anna Leicester

Graduate of The University of Manchester

  I used iSpring to create an e-Learning revision resource, which aimed to support second year life sciences students when revising the topic of myeloid leukaemia.

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 iSpring Suite reviews

  iSpring superb interactivity combined with all familiar interface of Microsoft Powerpoint reduced the learning curve spent on other similar authoring tools to almost zero. Even a newbie can start creating advanced e-learning courses right straight from the box. I have worked with other great authoring tools, however, ispring takes the ease and speed of creating and publishing courses to a whole new level. If you are looking for affordable, easy and high end output interactive courses for education, business or whatever industry you're in, then think iSpring.

— Kaiser Nabola, CEO at ASIDCam

  “After downloading the free trial and working with the program for a few days, I convinced my boss that this was the program we needed for making our on-demand training content spectacular. Also, the sales/customer service people were AWESOME and most helpful. If you're looking for software that gives your PowerPoint presentations that "zing," then iSpring Suite is the program for you!“

— Judith Chavis, Executive Vice President, Special Projects & Policy at American Association of Service Coordinators

 iSpring Learn reviews

  Our company has been using iSpring Learn since 2015. We needed an affordable and easy-to-use learning management system to teach and train our staff and clients. At that moment we were already using iSpring authoring tools, and iSpring Learn met all our demands just as well. The main advantages of this LMS are its reasonable price, simple settings and easy management process. Many thanks to the iSpring team for such an effective collaboration!

— Aleksandr Lopar, Project Manager at Fun-Jet

  I've been using iSpring Learn since June of 2010. My company uses this eLearning platform to deliver comprehensive on-line classes for CNC training to industry and academia. The iSpring Learn eLearning platform provides a robust virtual classroom, and integrates flawlessly with other iSpring products. We also utilize .pdf files and Word documents, which can be quickly and easily uploaded. Other types of media, like videos, can also be utilized, but to date we do not use them. I think anything that helps you make a point can be delivered via the iSpring Learn platform. As the content developer, I especially like the simple and logical folder method used to organize content.

— Mike Lynch, President at CNC Concepts, Inc.

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 iSpring Learn reviews

  It's very easy and user-friendly to manage the users. You can easily add new users (for instance you can add them by email or import them from a file), arrange the users into groups and organizations and set permissions.
With iSpring Learn you can track the results of the users, the effectiveness of the e-courses, etc. You get detailed statistics in advanced reports. iSpring Learn provides 4 types of reports (quiz, content, people and e-commerce). The reports can be printed, emailed or exported.

— Sandrine Boarqueiro-Verdun, Founder & President at Kapitec Software

  I think iSpring Learn would be an ideal LMS for any institution serious about delivering students instructional material that has real appeal to students, compared, say, to Moodle. The interface will also appeal to instructors teaching in a coordinated program.
I like the feeling of the Learn console and the report-generating tools at my disposal. Presently, I'm using Learn for a select group of students, but I see how I could easily expand that to a wider, online education market, given the tracking data implementation that could be used.

— Tom Kenny, Professor of Nagoya University of Foreign Studies

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 iSpring Suite reviews

  iSpring is easy to use and publishes to Flash or HTML5 without any problem. This attribute in and of itself separates the product from the far more expensive Articulate and Captivate. No matter what their ads say, HTML5 is a challenge for both Captivate and Articulate.
The other unique attribute of iSpring is the product's ability to convert PowerPoint animations. In fact, creative use of PowerPoint animations is how the e Learning developer creates an interactive platform with the user.
iSpring has the best price/performance ratio. In addition, with iSpring, you are pretty much up and running. The learning curve is minimal.

— Joe Kirby, owner of Ravenswing Enterprises

  Yes definitely go ahead and give this solution a trial run. It is especially useful if you intend to up-skill a junior team or individuals that are struggling with the complexities of the other solutions out there. It's simple: if you are comfortable in PPT, which most people are, then you are 75% there to becoming an e-learning developer - iSpring will just take you to the next level.
We use a variety of tools to produce various outcomes for e-learning, but what is great is that we can incorporate any and all videos into iSpring and publish everything in one place. This tool is really brilliant for this.

— Greg Zwi Fainberg, Director at Information Design Studio

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