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Tips and Tricks on Content Creation from an iSpringer

2 minutes

Every day iSpring users from all over the world implement new creative ideas and amazing e-Learning projects. This has inspired us to organize a series of webinars where iSpringers can demonstrate their success stories and share first-hand tips and tricks. Watch this webinar recording to see how a high-tech company used PowerPoint and iSpring to create interactive and personalized presentations.

The speaker

Robert Keahey at the iSpring webinar

As a very special guest, we had Robert Keahey, Vice President of Marketing at CPLANE NETWORKS, which is a Silicon Valley company that develops software-defined networking products for enterprises and service providers. The company is based on a cutting-edge technology that is one of a kind. Robert is responsible for all the aspects of CPLANE’s corporate and product marketing, including corporate branding and marketing communications.

Prior to his role at CPLANE, Robert’s career encompassed numerous roles in the IT Services industry, including leading global technical training for Electronic Data Systems. He also directed the development of industry and technology solutions for Cordys US, Inc. Robert has a BS in Computer Science from the University of Louisiana.

The webinar

As a frequent participant at tradeshows, CPLANE NETWORKS knew that attracting visitors may be a difficult task. That’s why they started looking for ways to reach out and engage the customer. As a solution, the company moved into the visitor’s space with mobile, interactive presentations that adapted to the customer’s personal needs and displayed the relevant information.

CPLANE NETWORKS was able to achieve great results in spite of some significant constraints, such as time and budget limitations. There were only two tools that allowed them to do that: Microsoft PowerPoint and iSpring Converter Pro 8.

Here are a few effective tips that Robert covers in the webinar:

  • How to plan material for various aspect ratios
  • How to leverage popups and triggers
  • How to use the Selection Pane
  • How to make the most of the navigation bar
  • …and more.

The webinar attendees actively participated in the discussion and asked questions. A traditional FAQ session is available in the last fifteen minutes of the presentation.

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Hope you will find this webinar useful and will be able to apply Robert’s tips in your daily content creation. You can find more inspiring iSpring case studies here.

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