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Win Buy-In on Courses with the New Feedback Options in iSpring Suite Max

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Whether you work on courses on your own or with your team, chances are good that you still need to present your content for review to stakeholders, subject-matter experts (SMEs), or a project manager. Gathering feedback and approval from several participants is often a pain point for course creators. That’s why we’re revealing the completely new options for collecting comments on courses right in your authoring environment.

With this new release of iSpring Suite Max, course authors now have a place where everyone can view their projects and leave feedback. SMEs don’t have to install any apps to check a course — they can view it in a browser and write comments in the same interface right away. 

The number of those people who review your content is unlimited: you can add as many reviewers to your team as you want without paying any extra.

Read on to find out how these new options work.

Add Reviewers to Your Team

Now, iSpring Space features a new user role — a reviewer. Unlike authors, reviewers can’t edit or create content in iSpring Space, but can leave comments.

If you need to receive feedback from anyone in your team or even outside of your organization, just add them to your account as reviewers. 

Enter their email and iSpring Space will send them an invitation to register. As already mentioned, you don’t have to pay any extra to add reviewers to your account, as the iSpring Suite Max plan covers an unlimited number of such users.

If you want to just show your soon-to-be course to a person and don’t expect any comments from them, you can send them a link without creating an account. In this case, they’ll be able to view your content, although the feedback option won’t be available.

Receive Feedback Right in iSpring Space

Instead of communicating with your colleagues via email or messengers, just send them a link and collect their feedback right in iSpring Space — all in one place. That way, you’ll be able to make corrections and approve a training module in half the time.

When a course you prepared in iSpring Suite is ready to be shared with others, upload it to iSpring Space and send them a copy of the link.

What’s especially convenient is that reviewers can leave feedback to a specific

  • slide in a course made with iSpring Suite
  • chapter in a course built in iSpring Space 
  • question in a quiz made in iSpring Space

With the benefit of such precisely located comments, it’s very easy for you to locate the exact fragment of a course and edit it.

As for other types of content (videos, conversation simulations, etc.), reviewers can leave comments only to an entire material, so it’s reasonable to specify a specific point in a video or a slide name in a simulation when commenting. 

When sending a video course for review, ask your colleagues to specify the exact timing.

We’re already working on the next round of improvements, and your reviewers will soon be able to add comments to a specific slide in an interaction or a specific part of a video course. So stay tuned!

Provide (or Deny) Access to Your Files

For the authors in your account, you can also specify who can edit files and who can only view and comment. You can set permissions for an entire project folder or for each file, individually. 

Sharing an entire project. You can share a project with specific members of your organization or with a team. To do this, open a project folder, click on the ellipsis button, and set permissions.

Specify if your team members can view, comment, or edit courses in your project folder.

Sharing a specific course. Within a project folder, you can set custom access rules for each course or file. For example, add a reviewer in addition to those who are already assigned for this folder. 

Before sharing, check out the permission. There, you can add new users or delete those who are not involved in this specific project.

The feedback options are still in beta, so tell us what you think — we’re excited to learn from your opinion and make iSpring Suite better for course developers. If something goes wrong or seems confusing to you, please let us know

If you have an active plan for iSpring Suite Max or iSpring Suite Full Service, you can get this upgrade for free.

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