METRO Cash and Carry had a non-trivial task to deploy staff training. To make it happen, they created a training game and a quiz on product knowledge.

As METRO didn’t have any experience at e-Learning course development, a game with video narrations was created from scratch. Take a look at their success story, told by Eugene Skrochinsky, a Distance Learning Manager at Metro Cash and Carry.

About 2 years ago, we recognized the need for an easy-to-use, but effective eLearning authoring tool for teaching employees. We have considered and tested several solutions, including iSpring Suite.

Staff training game

The first e-Learning material we created with the help of iSpring was the interactive game “Gap Check.” It is a training simulator for employees who set out goods. The goal of the game is to teach the personnel how to scan empty racks in the shopping mall. We came up with a script, did a video with actual staff members, and arranged both video and audio by ourselves.
The game starts with choosing a character. The script is nonlinear: every step in the game is a choice which determines the way how things are going to move. For each right step taken, an employee gets points.

The course has been taken by over 4,000 people.

What the game looks like

This is what the training game we have created in PowerPoint and iSpring looks like:

Interactive game made in iSpring

Learning starts with choosing a character:

Choosing a character in an interactive game

The script of the game is non-linear: actions taken by an employee determine the course of events. A virtual employee can move up the career ladder, but if a player makes too many mistakes, the game has to be started over.

Interactive game made in PowerPoint

It didn’t take us much effort to learn how to work with the iSpring tool; the interface is intuitive and logical. Special thanks must be given to the support team. After facing a technical issue, we got help from the iSpring specialists right away.

Product knowledge quiz

The next step towards understanding all iSpring’s capabilities was creating a product knowledge quiz. A great help at starting work on that was a webinar iSpring specialists regularly hold for their customers. Thanks to the webinar, we have learned to use iSpring functionality to the fullest.

It turned out it wasn’t that difficult to create a professional-looking quiz. The iSpring arsenal has all possible quiz types and flexible settings which help bring all ideas to life. Here’s what we had as a result:

Product knowledge quiz made in iSpring

The quiz includes 142 questions. We have added detailed info on each product:

Question feedback in iSpring QuizMaker

It is possible to see scores for each answer:

Interactive quiz made in iSpring QuizMaker

After creating several learning materials with iSpring tools, we can note the company continues marching on. The tools are constantly updated with new capabilities (like a dialogue trainer). If you need an easy-to-use and versatile tool, we think iSpring Suite is an excellent acquisition for e-Learning authoring at your company.

Eugene Skrochinsky, Distance Learning Manager,

Metro Cash and Carry.

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