How to make a drag-n-drop question with an image in iSpring QuizMaker

At the moment, iSpring QuizMaker doesn't provide users with a direct opportunity to create drag-n-drop questions with blank spaces on an image. While this functionality is being developed, we would like to offer you an alternative way to create such questions. See how to do this using the Word Bank question type.

Drag-n-drop question with an image

  1. 1 In iSpring QuizMaker, click on Graded Question, and from the drop-down list choose Word Bank.
    Choosing a question type in iSpring QuizMaker
  2. 2

    To insert a background image, click on the Picture icon.

    Inserting a picture into a quiz question

    You'll be able to see the added image to the right of the question pane.

    Quiz question with an image

  3. 3

    Go to the Slide View mode.

    Word Bank question in the Slide View mode

  4. 4

    Place the image in the center and expand it.

    Word Bank question in the Slide View mode

  5. 5

    Right-click on the image and choose Send to Back.

    Sending an image to back in the quiz question

  6. 6

    Move the box with spaces so that it covers the background image.

    Moving the question box on the image

  7. 7

    Go back to the Form View. In the question pane, type in the desired question.

    Word Bank question in the Form View mode

  8. 8

    In the question pane, delete all the text, leave blanks only and fill them out with the answers. You can add new blanks by clicking the Insert Blank button.

    Inserting blanks in the Word Bank question

  9. 9

    Now move the blanks so that they are placed in the appropriate places in the image. To do that, insert spaces between the blanks.

    Moving blanks in the Word Bank question

You can check the new position by switching to the Slide View mode.

Drag-n-drop question with blanks on the image

Tip: If your blanks are too long, you can change their size in the Slide View mode as demonstrated on the picture below. It's recommended to adjust the slide before moving the blanks, as this will affect their position.

Resizing blanks in the Word Bank question

This is the way to create a graphical question where blank spaces are situated right on an image. Below you can see a demo example of such a question.

The current solution has some disadvantages. For example, the size of a blank space may not coincide with the size of the corresponding element on the image. Currently, a fully functional drag-n-drop question is being developed. This new functionality will allow users to drag-n-drop not only text, but also images.

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