Folders in iSpring Learn

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Your iSpring Learn LMS account has these new features:

  1. Assign folders for studying and share them with users
  2. Apply parent folder permissions to subfolders
  3. Copy access permissions to a content item or folder
  4. Set materials as obligatory (Required) or recommended (Optional)

Let’s take a closer look at the new possibilities of iSpring Online.

1. Assign Folders for Studying and Share Them with Users

Before the update you could give access only to particular files in the Content List. Now you can assign the entire folder to a student and share it. The folder will appear in the To Do tab in the User Portal

To assign the folder to users take these steps:

  1. 1

    Choose a folder from the Content List or create a new one and click Manage under the folder icon.

    Content List
  2. 2

    On the Manage Folder page you will see the Permissions tab. Here you can choose users or user groups that will have access to the folder content. To assign a permission, click the “Change” button.

    Manage Folder
  3. 3

    You can copy the link that is shown in the Share tab and send it to the users.

    After clicking the Invite button you can send invitations to study the material to several users at once. You also can invite users by email. Users you have invited will be automatically registered or authorized to get access to the folder.


2. Apply Parent Folder Permissions to Subfolders

You can apply parent folder permissions to subfolders with one click. Check the box Use parent folder permissions.

Apply parent folder permissions

3. Copy Access Permissions to a Content Item or Folder

From now on you don’t have to set permissions for each particular content item. To copy permissions, choose a file / folder from the Content List, then click Manage -> Permissions -> Copy Permissions. The window with Groups and Users opens. Choose the file or folder you would like to copy permissions from.

Copy permissions

4. Set Materials as Obligatory (Required) or Recommended (Optional)

Private folders can be marked as Required or Optional. Choose the Assignment Type “Required” to make the folder obligatory for completion.

Private folders

New Features in the User Portal

Content list shows not just files but also folders assigned to users.

All materials are divided into two categories: To Do and Completed. The number of items is shown on tabs after their names.

The number of items within a folder and the status of completion is shown next to each folder’s name.

User potral todo

When you click on a folder you can see the content list of this folder with statuses for each item.

User potral todo

As soon as all the items are completed the folder will be moved to the Completed tab.

User potral todo

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