Automatic Quiz login via HTTP GET

With iSpring QuizMaker, you can collect user learning results without needing to upload your quizzes to an LMS. Results can be either sent to an email or to your server. However, when you host your quizzes on a regular website, a quiz has to know who is completing it to personalize results. Login types for non-LMS websites are:

  • Manual. If your website doesn’t have a login procedure implemented, a learner can use the built-in quiz login window, activated by the option Ask for quiz taker information.
  • Automatic. If your website has a login window, you can pass quiz taker information automatically from the session variables to an iSpring quiz. See the picture below.

Thus, you can apply a Single Sign On (SSO) facility for all quizzes available on your website.

User logs in to your website, this data is passed to an iSpring Quiz via HTTP GET. Personalized results are collected.

Quiz taker information may be passed to the iSpring quiz through an HTTP GET request using variables in the URL.


It will pass the following parameters to a quiz:

You can also customize the names of the variables before publishing the Quiz. Follow these steps:

  1. 1 Go to Quiz Properties. The Main Quiz Properties will be shown.
  2. 2 Check the box Ask for quiz taker information and click Customize.
  3. 3 Add or customize existing user Variables, and make them mandatory or optional.
  4. 4 After customization, uncheck the box Ask for quiz taker information. Though the quiz login window will be hidden, customized user variables can be still used in GET variables.

If you want to let users change their details before taking the quiz, leave the option Ask for quiz taker information checked. GET variables will be passed to the login form and can be altered by users.

If you have a compound iSpring course (presentation + quizzes), GET user variables will be automatically transferred to each quiz. This works for both Flash and HTML5 output formats of iSpring quizzes.

Now you can start developing your own system using the advanced data interfaces provided by iSpring. If you’d rather not deal with this process, you are welcome to check out iSpring Learn LMS to automate the process completely.

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