Useful Tips to Make Your E-Learning More Effective

Are you using iSpring Suite for eLearning authoring yet? With its numerous opportunities for eLearning, iSpring Suite can help you create meaningful and engaging courses in minimum time.To use multiple features of your eLearning authoring tool in the most effective way, check out the experience of many eLearning professionals, available in their blogs and websites:
  • In his blog, Viv Cole posts 10 tips for using audio in eLearning. Some of these tips are focused on the speaker, while others cover technical aspects. iSpring Suite completes all listed technical aspects, allowing seamless recording and playback of audio.
  • In the Spicy Learning Blog, Ishan Dutt offers you to test whether you need testing. He suggests using pre-tests that allow learners to skip the training, should they pass. iSpring Suite perfectly supports this rational approach with its non-graded test and branching opportunities.
  • Speaking of branching, The Simulations and Serious Games Registry blog has offered a series of very interesting branching story techniques. Even though their tips refer to games, they appear useful for eLearning as well. In their technique #10, they suggest to let the players (learners) know, why they failed. Indeed, the real-time correction of the mistakes is very effective, since it prevents learners from memorizing incorrect options. You can use this technique in your eLearning course with the individual feedback feature provided by iSpring QuizMaker.
You can learn more useful tips for your eLearning in iSpring Suite’s Knowledge Base.Was the article useful? Please share your comments below.
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