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We are glad to share with you these reviews on iSpring tools that have been prepared by Frederick Barton from

Spare a moment to see how easily iSpring Presenter and iSpring QuizMaker help reach even sophisticated e-Learning goals.

iSpring Presenter - Create rich e-learning materials

“…It is definitely worth mentioning that iSpring Presenter comes with powerful publishing capabilities. You can burn your learning materials on a disc, save it as an executable, in HTML5 or in Flash format. Furthermore, the program is capable of exporting your work in a combined HTML5 and Flash format, which can be played on mostly any machine. Once the project is exported, a preview window will show up, on which you can see how your presentation will look and behave on a computer, web browser or on tablets or mobile phones…” See the full review ->

iSpring QuizMaker - Create and publish interactive quizzes

“…The best part about iSpring QuizMaker is that it allows you to type a question, one or more answers and specify which answer is correct, in the same region of the interface, without making more settings than you have to, in different menus. There are different ways to specify one or more correct answers, depending on the question type. For example, if you create a multiple choice question, you only need to click a radio button, next to the correct answer. In other cases, like sequenced or matching answers, you only need to type the answers in the correct order and the program will shuffle them automatically…” See the full review ->

They say, a fully functional trial is worth a thousand words:

Download iSpring Presenter 7 free trial -> Test drive iSpring QuizMaker 7 for free ->

You are welcome to test both of these tools. Form your own opinion and share your experience with us.

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The advantages of using iSpring Presenter are clear: happy developers and happy customers.

- Rick Zanotti, President and Founder
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