Make your presentation more informative with “References”!

Are you among those FlashSpring users who were waiting for References to appear? If you are, I have good news for you! On behalf of the entire FlashSpring Team I am happy to announce that new iSpring Pro 3.1 will include References option and this is the way it will look like:

Now you can add useful links to the web resources or different files that are related to the content of your presentation via References.

Lots of our users wanted to see this option in FlashSpring Pro and our Development Team realized this functionality in the new version of our PowerPoint to Flash converter which is called iSpring Pro 3.1. Editing References is very easy. When you click on References button on FlashSpring toolbar all you need to do is to choose “References” tab. There you can manage your links.

Adding References

iSpring Pro 3.1 is coming soon and I hope that you will like same professional conversion and its new features. References is just one of them!

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