iSpring Suite vs. Articulate Studio’09: Toolkit Comparison

In the market of PowerPoint-based eLearning authoring software, tools often look alike. However, there are certain differences that may play the key role in your eLearning development process.We have compared iSpring Suite to Articulate Studio’09 to help eLearning developers make up their minds about these tools. Since both tools are based in PowerPoint, we compared how they support PowerPoint’s most frequently used features first. The comparison table shows that Articulate is behind iSpring by three stars, as iSpring supports transitions, triggers and more animations.Having compared the support of PowerPoint, we explored how the special eLearning features are implemented in these tools. The comparison showed that iSpring provides more opportunities for narrations and better support of international content, but it falls back in interactions and navigation control. As for the unique features, iSpring provides advanced protection features and allows live highlighting.To summarize the comparison, we have counted the stars, collected by both participants. iSpring Suite has won this round by 46 to 34. However, the comparison isn’t intended to name the winner. It’s intended to show you the strong sides of each tool and help choose the one that works best for you.Was the table useful? Please share your comments below!
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