Case Study: Automotive Dealership Training Made Easy

My name is Paul Jobson. I work as a consultant with automotive dealerships.


Dealerships are constantly trying to improve the experience for their customers, and that often leads to custom training within the dealership. Bringing in experts is expensive, and I was looking for a way to make sure we get the most of all of our training, and finding a way to check that everyone was understanding the material as well. I was looking for a unique way to “certify” staff on any custom training we did.


I saw many packages – but most of them had steep learning curves. What immediately attracted me to iSpring Suite was that it integrated in a very simple way into PowerPoint – a product I know very well.

It loads as an additional menu in PowerPoint, and from there you can create your course in minutes. I was able to use existing PowerPoints I had, and enhance them with Graded Quizzes and unique features such as ebooks, videos, etc. I found the multitude of tools perfect for trainees, as we all learn differently, and the iSpring Suite allows you to create endless ways to present your content. I like the fact that I now can measure and test trainees retention of the content, so I can adapt the course, or retrain individuals as needed.

Sharing the course material was also a big factor. iSpring Suite allows me to publish to HTML5 – which is great as everyone can view material regardless of the device they are watching it on – PC, MAC, or even their tablet and mobile phone. iSpring even allows me to create a DVD, if a client wanted a physical copy of the program for future trainees.

Support has been great.

The Result

I highly encourage anyone who is looking at putting together course material to look at this complete but simple to use suite.

Are you in a business that gets a boost from e-Learning? Share your stories in the comments below!

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