October 28, Thursday 12:00 pm BST 1 hour

Making Your Online Course Interactive: A Complete How-To (and Why) Guide

Making Your Online Course Interactive: A Complete How-To (and Why) Guide


Marat Safin

Customer Success Manager


1 hour

eLearning interactivity is more than just fancy effects. It is unrelated to animations, and its goal is not a visual explosion but engagement and retention.

Do you want to implement interactivities in your courses smartly and engage learners fr om the first slide to the last? Then join our free webinar, wh ere we'll provide lots of fun theory about interactive training and even cooler practice.

During this session, we’ll discuss:

  • What interactive eLearning is and how can it benefit you
  • How interactivity can help you cope with learning challenges: reduced interest curve and lack of engagement
  • The 4 most accessible ways to make your course interactive with iSpring Suite

After the webinar, you’ll be equipped with the hands-on approaches and tools needed to create courses that learners will be eager to complete.

About the presenter

Marat Safin

Marat's solid technical background, attention to detail, and dedication to customer success allow him to be a reliable guide in the world of e-learning for both existing clients of iSpring and those that only start their journey toward learning experience modernization. Having worked with hundreds of small and medium-sized enterprises, Marat gained valuable industry-specific expertise that allows him to enable organizations and individuals to achieve their business goals through streamlining learning and development processes with high ROE.

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