Here you can find answers to the most popular customer questions on iSpring products.



Managing Questions


  • What audio formats does iSpring SDK support?

    It currently supports audio files in WAV, MP3, and WMA formats.

  • Why can't I import my audio files?
    If you have specified background audio file(s) for a question, but it doesn't appear in your quiz, please make sure that:
    • you have specified audio files of iSpring supported file formats: .wav, .wma and .mp3
    • your quiz and embedded audio files are located on your local drive (not a network share).

Purchase and Discounts


  • How can I deactivate iSpring products?
    Depending on your needs, you can deactivate the license by simply uninstalling iSpring QuizMaker from your computer or – if you want to keep it installed – using the settings.
  • Where can I get the version number and license key of my iSpring QuizMaker?
    To get the version and license details of your QuizMaker, click the Help tab on the iSpring toolbar and then click the About button.
  • Where should I enter License Key I got after purchase?

    After you make a purchase and your order is processed, you should receive an automatic registration email with your license key. To activate your license, you need to follow these steps:

    1. Install iSpring QuizMaker on your computer and launch it; if you already use the iSpring QuizMaker trial version, you can register that one.
    2. In the Help tab of the product toolbar, click the Activate button to launch the iSpring QuizMaker Activation Wizard.
    3. Enter your license key and click Next to proceed with entering Registration Details.
    4. In the next step, you can specify the user's name and the company name. This information will be displayed in the About window of iSpring QuizMaker.
    Read more about iSpring QuizMaker activation →

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