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Create, Share and Track E-Learning with a Single Solution

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iSpring Rocket = LMS + iSpring Suite

Private users:50 Content Items:Unlimited Administrators:Unlimited Publishers:Unlimited
  • Create e-Learning courses with quizzes in PowerPoint
  • Share e-Learning via the iSpring Online LMS
  • Track detailed e-Learning results and statistics

Drive E-Learning with iSpring Rocket

With iSpring Rocket you can easily organize and control the e-Learning process in your
company or organization or make existing e-Learning system even more effective

Manage Class

With iSpring Rocket your can flexibly
coltrol users, manage their rights
and roles and make groups and

Upload Content

E-Learning courses can be published
to the LMS straight from iSpring Suite.
Also, you can easily upload any other
required content items to the LMS.

Track E-Learning Results

To find out how effective your
e-Learning courses are, take advantage
of iSpring Rocket's multiple reports
and detailed quiz results.