New Capabilities of iSpring QuizMaker 8.7

With the new iSpring QuizMaker, you can create awesome quizzes and surveys even faster! There's a new visual editor built right in for quick configuration of the output.

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Updated Quiz Editor

iSpring QuizMaker now includes two modes for fast and easy quiz editing: a Form View mode for creating questions and configuring the points, attempts, branching and other settings; and a Slide View mode for arranging the layout, backgrounds, fonts, and themes, and seeing how it will look when you publish your quiz.

Customize design for several questions at once

If you would like to set the background, layout, or theme for multiple questions and/or info slides, just select them all and make your changes.

Undo/redo option in editor window

iSpring QuizMaker will save a history of all the changes you've made while editing your quiz. Undo and redo according to your preferences.

Change colors of marker tools and answer choices

Electrify your quiz with vibrant colors: select the color of answer radio buttons, marker tools, and HotSpot answer choices.

Customizable Feedback Messages

Configuring feedback messages with iSpring QuizMaker has never been so easy! You can now set up default feedback messages for the whole test in a snap. It’s also possible to add images, audio and formulas, or simply turn feedback off when it’s not needed.

Audio Narration Recording

With iSpring QuizMaker 8.7, you can record audio narrations and add them to your questions or feedback messages. Both recorded and imported voice overs can be easily fine-tuned with the built-in audio editor.

New Themes

You can take advantage of new beautiful color themes to create truly unique and visually engaging quizzes and surveys.

Test scoring by question groups

Now you can evaluate students’ knowledge more flexibly and precisely, and assess multiple topics within a single test. Split questions into groups according to their topics or level of complexity, and set a passing score for each of the groups.

New App for iPhone

Your students can save quizzes on their mobile devices and take them at any convenient time, even without Internet access.

Now, along with the iPad and Android version, a brand-new iPhone mobile app is ready to use!


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