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iSpring QuizMaker Demos

Explore these demo tests created with iSpring QuizMaker: SCORM quizzes with source files.

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The Basic Rules of Merchandising

There are three basic merchandising rules that help display goods effectively and drive sales in a store. Take this SCORM quiz to see if you understand these rules and are able to grab buyers' attention!

Space Shuttle Quiz

How much do you know about space shuttles? The Space Shuttle program was the United States government’s space program from 1981 to 2011, and during these years, 5 shuttles from the program spent over 1,330 days in space.

Geometry Test

Test your knowledge of geometry. While you exercise your brain’s understanding of geometrical tasks, notice how elegantly formulas, graphs, and pictures are embedded into both questions and answers. iSpring Suite is perfect for the creation of math tests.

Vegas Quiz

Think you know everything about that shining neon jewel of the desert, Las Vegas? Test your knowledge of Vegas history, lore, and attractions with this iSpring quiz!

Mt. Everest Quiz

Want to test your knowledge of the highest mountain in the world? Take this engaging test on Mount Everest made with iSpring QuizMaker and you might just learn something new!

New Orleans Quiz

Welcome to the Big Easy! New Orleans is a major United States port and the largest city in the state of Louisiana. Some people call New Orleans the most unique city in America. Do you want to know why? Take this quiz and find out.

Orlando Quiz

Welcome to Orlando - The City Beautiful! Whether you’re a local or a tourist, this SCORM quiz demo is a great way to check how well you know the city. Answer a few questions about Orlando’s history, nature, and sights and have fun learning some new facts!

Christmas Quiz

Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays. Or is it? Do you know which countries celebrate Christmas? And when they celebrate it? And what they cook for Christmas dinner? Take this quiz and you'll be amazed at how Christmas traditions vary from country to country.

US Country Study

Learn more about America with a quiz on the US. While completing the test, check out iSpring QuizMaker’s branching feature. It navigates you to an information slide if you make a mistake or takes you to the next question when you answer correctly.

iSpring Website Survey

Complete the iSpring Website Survey to experience how easily iSpring QuizMaker creates surveys, assessments, and questionnaires. The new non-graded quiz type enables you to design an eye-catching and effective survey in a matter of minutes.

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