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iSpring QuizMaker Features

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Quiz Creation

iSpring QuizMaker is an easy quiz making tool with a collection of questions that you can use for learning, knowledge checks, and skill practice. Choose the appropriate templates and quickly create a quiz for your learners.

Graded quiz and survey

Choose between graded and survey questions, or use both types in your quiz. Create an unlimited number of quizzes and surveys to assess and collect feedback.

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14 question types

Perform knowledge checks with versatile question types: from simple multiple-choice and matching to more advanced questions like drag-and-drop and hotspot.

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Drag-and-drop activities

Engage learners with drag-and-drop questions in which they can move objects and place them in the correct areas on a slide.

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Grouping and randomizing

If your quiz contains questions on different topics, they can be arranged into groups. You can set the quiz to shuffle questions within a group or to randomly include a set number of questions from each group.

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Info slides

Enhance quizzes with slides containing additional info on a subject. You can add texts, photos, and videos or insert an entire article on a topic.

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Introduction slides

Choose from Intro Slide, User Info Slide, and Instruction Slide, or add all of them to welcome learners and give them more understanding about what comes next.

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Import questions from Excel spreadsheets

If you already have a list of questions in an Excel spreadsheet, just add them to QuizMaker using a template. You can also import questions from another quiz that was made in iSpring QuizMaker and edit them.

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Quiz Design

Customize quiz design for a more personal experience with iSpring QuizMaker. Brand your quizzes with colors and style, experiment with layouts, add texts and visuals.


Engage your audience by adding animations to a quiz. iSpring QuizMaker features versatile animation effects, and you can set timings and other options just as you would in a PowerPoint presentation.

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Collection of themes

Design your quiz using ready-to-go themes or create your own theme to reflect your brand identity or a quiz topic.

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Custom style and colors

Choose appropriate color schemes and customize player colors and text fields to suit your preference.

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Quiz preview

Easily preview the entire quiz or survey to see how it will appear to quiz takers on desktops, tablets, or phones in both landscape and portrait orientations.You can also preview a specific question or a question group.

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Attaching media

Make your quiz more engaging questions with audio, video, images, or equations. Edit images and videos right in iSpring QuizMaker, add ready-made audio files, or record your own.

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Player settings

Customize the player and all its elements, such as the navigation buttons, top bar, color scheme, and text labels.

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Quiz Settings

Assess learners according to the rules that you set. iSpring QuizMaker allows you to assign custom points and penalties, or give limited time and attempts to answer each question.


You can set a general passing score or grant custom points for each question and subtract points for incorrect answers for more accurate quizzing. You can also accept partially correct answers and set scoring and branching for this.

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Number of attempts

You can allow quiz takers to answer the question or pass a whole quiz several times, depending on teacher requirements and quiz type. You can also permit an unlimited number of attempts.

Time limits

To prevent your learners from cheating, add a timer to your tests. You can set a general time limit and time limits for each quiz question.

Branching scenarios

Set up branching scenarios to personalize your quizzes. For example, when a learner answers incorrectly, you can send them to a slide with additional information on the subject. If a learner answers correctly, you can forward them to a more challenging question.

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Provide feedback for correct and incorrect answers. You can use uniform feedback messages for the entire test, or create a specific feedback for each question. Use images, formulas, and audio to explain the feedback in detail.

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Quiz Publishing

iSpring QuizMaker makes it quick and easy to publish a quiz to a web-friendly format and upload it to your website or LMS. And quizzes made with iSpring can be played on all devices.

Quizzes for all devices

With iSpring QuizMaker, quizzes work perfectly and look great on any device. Content, buttons, and controls adapt to any screen size and orienation. Learners can use gestures to tap, swipe, or zoom quiz elements.

Web format

Publish quizzes in HTML5 format to embed them in a website or blog and make them available from any device: PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

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iSpring Learn

Log into your iSpring Learn LMS account and publish quizzes to the learning management system in just one click.

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Prepare your quiz for uploading to any LMS. iSpring supports SCORM, xAPI (Tin Can), AICC, and cmi5 formats.

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Microsoft Word

Get a quiz in a printable format for review or as a paper-based test.

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Accessible quizzes

Use the accessibility mode to let your learners with visual impairments take tests comfortably. Simply tick a checkbox to switch to this mode.

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Getting quiz results

Enable quiz results to be automatically sent to an email, server, or to your learning management system.

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