How is a trial version different from the full version?

The iSpring Platform evaluation version is fully functional and is absolutely equal to the full version in terms of functionality and quality of content it produces.

The trial version carries only two limitations:
  • it is valid for only 14 days,
  • it adds the iSpring banner to the bottom left corner of the slides.

The iSpring trial version banner always has the name of the component that works in a trial mode. Here is an example of what a trial version banner looks like when creating a Flash presentation with iSpring Platform and using a player from iSpring Player Pack.

iSpring PPT to Flash Platform watermark OR  iSpring Player watermark

iSpring Platfrom includes 4 components: PPT to flash SDK for AS3, Player Pack for AS3, PPT to flash SDK for AS2, Player Pack for AS2. To remove the watermark, you should license the required components of iSpring Platform. Once you receive a new license details from iSpring, you can register and activate your current copy of iSpring Platform.

Note: To remove the trial banner from your content published with the trial version of iSpring, publish it again with the activated product.