Where can I get the version number and license key of my iSpring Platform?

There 3 ways how you can check the version of your copy of iSpring Platform:
  1. Start iSpring Platform Code Builder.
  2. You should see the product version on the splash screen and on the window title.
iSpring Platform CodeBuilder screen

Figure 1. CodeBuilder splash screen

iSpring Platform CodeBuilder toolbar

Figure 2. Code Builder window title

  1. Press Win+R on your keyboard.
  2. Type cmd and click OK to open the command prompt window. Please note that you chould run Command Prompt as an Administrator.
  3. Navigate to the iSpring Platform installation folder.
    For example, type cd "C:\Program Files\iSpring\Platform 6\PPT to Flash SDK for AS3" and press Enter.
  4. Start ispringsdk.exe.
  5. Scroll back to the top, and you should see the product version in the first lines.
iSpring version via Command Prompt