How to deactivate iSpring products?

PRODUCTS:   Pro,   QuizMaker,   Converter Pro

If you are completely uninstalling iSpring from your computer, the program will ask you if you would like to deactivate the license. In case you would like to keep iSpring installed in your system, but at the same time, you want to deactivate it, here is an instruction on how to do it.    

  1. In the Help menu, click About to open the About window. about.png
  2. In the About window, click Change License Key. The activation wizard will pop up. change_license_key.png
  3. Then, choose Deactivate the license and click Next.deactivate_the_license.png
  4. At this step, select Deactivate my license. Click Next. deactivate_my_license.png

After successful deactivation, the Activation Wizard will display the number of remaining activations and the total number of activations.

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