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James Gilchrist: “iSpring Suite helps me and my clients reduce project development time”

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James Gilchrist is an instructional designer and Learning & Development expert with over two decades of experience. He founded Lighthouse L&D Consulting because he enjoys helping businesses develop innovative, measurably effective, performance-based learning solutions that exceed expectations. James has been using iSpring Suite daily for over 10 years in various learning environments. In this expert review, James shares his insights into the ways iSpring Suite helps him and his clients create feature-rich eLearning projects more quickly and easily than ever before

As an L&D professional, Mr. Gilchrist has tried numerous popular authoring tools. Some issues he had with various course-building platforms include lengthy onboarding, complex or unstable interfaces, and poor customization features. iSpring Suite immediately stood out from the competition as a powerful but accessible tool that did not create such problems for the user.

James highlights the PowerPoint integration as one of the key strengths of iSpring Suite. It allows his clients, even those with zero instructional design experience, to master the functionality of the tool quickly thanks to their familiarity with the Microsoft software.

“It usually takes me less than 2 hours to show a new client how to use iSpring Suite.”

James Gilchrist

The ease of use is coupled with a stable UI that integrates new capabilities organically. James’ favorite iSpring Suite features include learner interactions, role-play scenarios, the narration editor, and multifunctional player controls. The ability to customize courses is another standout aspect that this expert keeps mentioning in the review.

iSpring Suite has become James Gilchrist’s tool of choice to reduce project development time while delivering eLearning content of exceptional quality. He uses it in his consulting practice, instructional design projects, and other L&D initiatives on a regular basis. 

To get more of James’ insights on iSpring Suite and the tool’s capabilities, watch the full review here:


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