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iSpring Suite 8.5: sending reports to email, support of Morph, and better control of knowledge.

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Today we’re releasing the latest update of iSpring Suite, the toolkit for developing e-Learning courses, video lectures, quizzes, and simulations. The new version 8.5 offers you a number of great improvements in the simulation editor, support of the new Morph transition, and more opportunities for knowledge evaluation.

Improved Simulation Editor

With these updates, you can make your simulations more effective: enhance scene content with hyperlinks, correct typos with auto spell-check, and receive more detailed simulation reports.

  • Detailed completion report. When students complete a simulation, they get their final score at the end. Previously, you could only track that final score, but now you can monitor all students’ decisions and reply choices throughout the simulation in a detailed completion report. The reports can be collected in your LMS, or sent to an email or server.

  • Hyperlinks in dialogue scenes. Now you can enhance dialogue scenes with links to useful resources: certain chapters of your course, guides, videos, and other content that students may need.

  • Completion actions. When students complete a simulation, their results can be automatically sent to a teacher’s email (detailed results are available), a student’s own email, or a server.

    Certain actions depend on how a student performs. For example, if a student fails the simulation, they can be redirected to the beginning of the course to review the material.

  • Spell-check. Before, you had to carefully read all copy to get rid of typos. Now TalkMaster automatically detects and underlines spelling errors, and suggests possible corrections.

  • Personalized dialogues. Ask for a student’s name at the beginning of the simulation, and the character can address them in person throughout the scenario.

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Support of PowerPoint’s Brand-New Morph Transition

iSpring 8.5 now supports Morph, the new PowerPoint transition effect that smoothly transforms one slide into another. Before, if you wanted to create such a transformation, you had to deal with each element of the slide (its position, shape, and color) separately. Now you can simply apply Morph to the second of the two slides, and PowerPoint beautifully transforms one slide (with all its elements) into the another. Morph is not only eye-catching but provides an amazing new means to visually explain complex topics to your learners.

Note: The Morph transformation is only available if you have an Office 365 subscription.

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Re-Taking the Course Based on Quiz Results

With this feature, if a student fails a unit test, they will be able to retake it only after reviewing the unit. Thus, your learners won’t simply rush through checkboxes once again but carefully study the material.

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Sending Quiz Results to Student’s Email

Students’ quiz results now can be sent to their emails. This allows students to track their progress and reveal strengths and weaknesses.

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