iSpring Products are recommended by presentation professionals

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People love receiving compliments! And so does the software. iSpring products are extremely happy to get a high appreciation of their performance by the presentation experts.

iSpring is recommended by professionals

m62, one of the world’s leading presentation development company evaluated three different software packages for PowerPoint to Flash conversion. iSpring Pro and iSpring Presenter have been recognized as the best solutions for their ease of use and cost effectiveness.

Read the entire survey at the m62 website:

To get a quick insight into the article, here are some of the quotes:

iSpring Presenter is far and away more pleasant and intuitive, and a few hundred dollars cheaper.”

“iSpring delivers flexibility where it’s needed most, and without any hunting around. “

“Powerful as they are, both iSpring programs feel completely unintimidating at the publishing stage and make it very easy to set up the exact format, size and quality that you need.”