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iSpring Learn: LMS at your fingertips. Now available on Android!

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iSpring developers are ready to surprise you: meet iSpring Learn Mobile App for Android! Now all users of this popular mobile OS can study anywhere in the world without leaving the familiar Android interface.

Most people can’t imagine life without their smartphones and tablets. Mobile devices help us to deal with everyday tasks, stay connected with friends and colleagues, keep track of important events and make our life bright and fascinating. With the use of mobile technology, people who know the value of time have the opportunity to constantly learn something new and interesting.

Today, the learning process has gone far beyond the familiar boundaries of classrooms, textbooks and computers. Now you can enjoy learning from anywhere you want – just use iSpring Learn Mobile App! iSpring Learn is a complete easy-to-use learning management system (LMS) which is available right at your fingertips. Advanced technologies allow you to enjoy all the advantages of e-Learning, and access learning materials right on the screen of your favorite smartphone or tablet. iPad users have been enjoying the capabilities of iSpring Learn for more than a year, and today Android device owners can join them!

What are the advantages of the new app?

Take your courses and quizzes with you

iSpring Learn will help you to enjoy your mLearning. Now all courses and quizzes uploaded to iSpring Learn LMS are always available on your mobile devices.


Learning at your fingertips. Even offline!

Now you have the opportunity to study wherever you happen to be: at home, in a cafe, in a park, or on your way to work. You can download learning materials to your Android device in just one click and view the assignments anytime, even without an Internet connection.


Detailed statistics

iSpring Learn Mobile App provides detailed statistics on student activity. Even if you take your courses offline, the app will safely preserve your statistics and synchronize them with the LMS as soon as the connection is restored so your teacher or supervisor will always be able to track your progress and achievements.

It’s the focus on the user that makes mobile learning such a popular and amazing trend. iSpring develops professional high-quality tools for e-Learning and strives to make them enjoyable and easy-to-use.


iSpring Learn Mobile App provides its users with fantastic opportunities to:

-stay focused on learning

iSpring Learn Mobile App makes your work with courses and quizzes easy and convenient. The fullscreen mode is a great way to enjoy a wall-to-wall e-Learning experience and stop getting distracted from the learning process.

-conquer new peaks

The status of the content progress is displayed for each course or quiz. You can always see how much is left to to be learned, and challenge yourself with new tasks and assignments.

-capture your achievements

If you have successfully completed a course or a quiz, you can always get a certificate of completion, then print it and/or proudly share it with your friends and colleagues.

With iSpring Learn Mobile App, you can enjoy your e-Learning whenever and wherever you are from your Android device. Great news – you won’t need to pay extra! Get the FREE iSpring Learn Mobile App right now!