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iSpring DevLearn 2015 Post-Conference Breakdown

5 minutes

This year at DevLearn was a wonderful opportunity to network with other vendors, learn more about the latest trends in the e-Learning industry, and share the latest advances in the iSpring product line. Of course it wasn’t all business: we also had plenty of fun, too! Here’s a breakdown of some of the highlights of the conference:


iSpring Suite 8

To our great pleasure, iSpring Suite 8 received a very enthusiastic response from visitors to our booth. Previous iSpring users were particularly excited about new features like the Dialog Trainer and Screen Recording Tool, while general visitors were attracted to the QuizMaker tool with the built-in Slide View editing interface. Everyone, however, was excited about the brand-new Video Lecture Player, which allows viewers to adjust the ratio between PowerPoint slides and talking head video on the fly.


Presentation from e-Learning expert Mark Simon

Mark Simon, Senior Training Consultant at HiMark Solutions, gave a very informative talk about leveraging video in your PowerPoint courses with iSpring Suite 8 on the Learning Media Studio Stage. In the talk, Mark discussed all the ways iSpring Suite 8 and PowerPoint help you apply video to deliver information to your learners in a more effective way.

iSpring Suite 8 takes the capabilities of PowerPoint much further when it comes to video. Special narration videos can be recorded or imported, synchronized perfectly with all slides and animations, and placed in an adaptive player with adjustable ratio between slides and video for the perfect viewing experience.


Video Testimonials

Several iSpring clients came to our booth and gave testimonials about iSpring products. They had many nice things to say about iSpring products, highlighting especially the ease of use, and recommending iSpring to companies who are just getting e-Learning off the ground.


A common theme in all the testimonials was excitement about the upcoming release of iSpring Suite 8. One client mentioned the integrated audio/video editor, which will save him a lot of time importing .mp3s into 3rd-party software; another mentioned the enhanced quiz editing interface, which will build on the already awesome quiz making capabilities; still another client from Israel remarked on the perfect compatibility of iSpring with course authoring in Hebrew, and commented that he enjoys every upgrade of iSpring, no matter what the new features are.

As a token of our appreciation, and to recognize their love for iSpring products, we were pleased to provide a free upgrade to iSpring Suite 8 to everyone who recorded a testimonial.

Stay tuned to the iSpring blog for more detailed info about these testimonials!

eLearning Brothers

At DevLearn 2015, iSpring and eLearning Brothers had a little exchange program: Jordan and Chanelle helped us out at our booth, telling visitors about the advantages of using characters in e-Learning courses created with iSpring.

In turn, we assisted the Brothers with a drawing at their booth, in which they gave away a bunch of goodies, including a free license for iSpring Suite 8.


iSpring also participated in the eLearning Brothers’ 2nd Annual DevLearn run, three miles down the Las Vegas Strip. We even had an opportunity to mingle with pedestrians and talk about e-Learning!



Our experience at DevLearn met or exceeded all our expectations for a fun, productive conference, full of great experiences with clients and colleagues in the e-Learning industry. We hope you enjoyed your experience at DevLearn too, and we hope to see you there next year!


Curious to learn more about iSpring Suite 8 or DevLearn? Call us at 844-347-7764 or shoot us an email at

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