How to restore a PowerPoint file corrupted by Flash

2 minutes

We have developed a restoration utility that fixes corrupted PowerPoint presentations with embedded Flash and saved with the Flash Player version that contained an issue ( At this moment, this is the only utility that fixes this issue.

UPD: Adobe has fixed this bug in a subsequent update (version so feel free to update your Flash to the most recent version.

If you have problems opening the presentation file with the embedded Flash, follow the steps below.

Fix Presentation With Flash Object

  1. Download the utility (.zip, 155 KB) ↓

  2. Unzip it and read LICENSE.TXT. By downloading this file you accept the “as-is” software license.

  3. Put FixPresentationWithFlashObjects.exe on your computer’s desktop or in the same folder as your damaged PPT file.

  4. Drag and drop the corrupted .pptx or .pptm file onto the icon of this utility.

  5. The popup window will notify you that the .pptx file has been successfully restored and saved. Click OK.

  6. Find the restored version of your original file in the same directory with the “(Restored)” suffix in the file name. It will be selected automatically.

Now the PowerPoint presentation with embedded Flash (.swf) can be opened.

Important note

This utility doesn’t globally fix the problem with saving PowerPoint presentations when you have the buggy Flash update It only lets you open the corrupted file. Update your Flash Player to version or the most recent to avoid corrupting your PPT files in the future.

This utility works only with PowerPoint presentations that have Flash objects embedded into them. If you try to restore a PowerPoint file that doesn’t contain Flash, you will see the following window:

Terms and conditions

iSpring is an official Microsoft Partner, and this .exe utility has a digital signature so it shouldn’t be blocked by your antivirus software. It has been checked for malware and doesn’t contain any harmful code fragments, and thus doesn’t pose any security risk.

This free utility is provided as-is without warranty.

Although the iSpring utility doesn’t change the original .pptx file, we recommend that you make a backup copy of your damaged .pptx files before you try to fix them.