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Problem: How to open a PowerPoint presentation without PowerPoint?

Solution: Whether you don’t have Microsoft PowerPoint at all or have an old version that doesn’t open presentations created with newer versions, that’s not a problem! In fact, there’s no need to download PowerPoint or any other software to view a PowerPoint presentation.

All you need is an Internet connection and this article that explains what services to use and how.

Answer: Try one of the following services: Google Slides, iSpring Cloud or SlideShare. See how the same presentation is displayed in each of the three online services.

1. Google Slides

Google Slides has a familiar user-friendly interface, which makes it very easy to work with the service. PowerPoint presentations uploaded to Google Slides can be both viewed and edited online. Plus, it’s possible to create a new presentation from scratch using Google’s basic themes, animations and templates. However, if a presentation you’re about to view contains animation effects, triggers, audio and video, you won’t be able to see them, as Google Slides only shows static slides.

The service allows users to store materials online and share them via a link or an embed code. Note that the latter doesn’t have any protection options, so once you insert a presentation on a website, anyone will be able to do the same. There’s no tracking option either, which means that you’ll be able to share a presentation or other materials, but there will be no opportunity to track the recipients’ interaction with them.

Here’s an example of a PowerPoint presentation uploaded to Google Slides and inserted into a webpage with an embed code:

2. iSpring Cloud

iSpring Cloud is the only sharing service that converts PowerPoint effects as they are. Complex animations, transition effects, triggers, audio and video don’t go missing – on the contrary, PowerPoint presentations uploaded to iSpring Cloud keep their exact original look and feel.

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Once you’ve uploaded a presentation to iSpring Cloud, it’s ready for viewing. You can choose to view it yourself only, or share it with anybody you want via an email or a link that is automatically shortened by the service. iSpring Cloud also provides all the uploaded files with an embed code that allows you to insert presentations and other materials right on your website or blog. You can prevent a presentation from being embedded on unauthorized websites by specifying trusted domains.

Sharing via embed code in iSpring Cloud

iSpring Cloud even goes beyond simple sharing, as it lets you track the shared files. Monitor the interaction with your presentation: see who opened it, the number of slides viewed, the average view time, and other details. Presentations uploaded to iSpring Cloud are non-editable, which means they’re only available for viewing. This way of sharing is perfect for protecting copyright.

3. SlideShare

This is yet another online storage service that helps you open a PowerPoint presentation online. SlideShare is a LinkedIn project that encourages professionals worldwide to store and share their content in order to build a reputation and cultivate more career opportunities. This service is a real goldmine of information that you can join using your LinkedIn account.

SlideShare displays uploaded presentations as static slideshows: there’s no support of multimedia, animation effects and triggers. The quality of text and images is low, since presentations are saved as raster images with a resolution of only 720 x 480 px.

The platform can be used to create simple presentations with a limited number of authoring options. PPTX presentations uploaded to SlideShare can be viewed, but cannot be edited online.

Every visitor to the SlideShare website can like, share or even download the displayed presentations. There are four basic sharing options: an email, link, embed or a wordpress shortcode. The embed option doesn’t have any protection settings, but you can keep track of the websites where your presentations have been embedded. Overall, the tracking capabilities are quite impressive, as users get statistics on the total number of views, shares, downloads, comments, likes and other details.

Take a look at this comparison grid that illustrates which original PowerPoint effects are preserved by different services, as well as other features.

 Google DriveiSpring CloudSlideShare

Motion effects

SimplifiedFull support— No effects



Audio and video




Slide notes


Short link


Embed code protection


Online editing


Graphics quality



As you see, modern cloud-based services successfully substitute some of the robust functionality of desktop tools. All the above-mentioned platforms will help you view a PowerPoint presentation online without any additional software, however the end-result will differ. In this article we’ve compared the features of three sharing platforms, and we hope it will help you choose the best hosting and sharing service according to your needs.

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