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How to Insert a YouTube Video to Online Presentation?

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The unique advantage of online presentations is that they allow instant, real-time access to many Internet resources, such as YouTube. With iSpring, YouTube videos are inserted into your presentation directly from PowerPoint with a single click of your mouse. Once you upload you project to the Internet, users will be able to view the embedded video right within your presentation.

Did you know that iSpring Converter Pro allows you to insert any Web object into your PowerPoint presentation with a single click of your mouse? Simply use the “Web object” button on the iSpring Converter Pro toolbar in PowerPoint.


Follow these steps to insert a YouTube video:

  1. Choose a YouTube video and copy the video URL to Clipboard.

    Copy video URL on YouTube
  2. To add a YouTube video, click the ‘YouTube’ button on the iSpring Converter Pro tab.

    YouTube button on iSpring toolbar
  3. Paste the URL of the YouTube video into the ‘Video link’ field. You can click the big button below to view our video tutorial. To see how the video will look after uploading to the Internet, click ‘Preview’.

    Paste video URL to the empty field

  4. Once inserted into your PowerPoint presentation, the YouTube video will look like a white rectangle, which you can resize and move however you like.

    YouTube video in PowerPoint

  5. After you upload your online presentation, viewers will be able to play the video file using its own YouTube navigation bar or the ‘Play’ button on top of the video.

    YouTube video in presentation on iSpring Online

  6. Unless the online presentation or eLearning course is uploaded to a web-site, blog or LMS, viewers will see a notification message with a link to the embedded YouTube video.

    YouTube video offline playback

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