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How to Import Cutout People Video Into Your iSpring Courses

2 minutes

Here is a tutorial on how to import eLearning Cutout People videos into your iSpring courses. Let’s take you through this process.

Download an eLearning Brothers Cutout People Video

When you download a video from the eLearning Templates website, you will see two types of videos — .FLV and .MP4 files. For this tutorial, it is a good idea to download both file formats to see how they function within iSpring. You must become an eLearning Template Library member to download, or try a Free eLearning Templates membership.

How to Use .FLV and .MP4 Files

To insert Flash videos you just start by going to your PowerPoint tabs and click iSpring Suite. Then you want to select Flash Movie. Open your .FLV video.

Your .MP4 file formats are not in your iSpring options, you start by going to your top tab, and click Insert. Select the Video and click the drop down option and then Video on My PC. Find and select your movie. Now, you are going to have to adjust to the appropriate size.

The Major Differences Between the Two

The main differences between the two file formats is that .FLV’s have a transparent background. However a plus with .MP4 is that it is mobile compatible and can play on PowerPoint. When you play .FLV’s, they are not mobile friendly. Hope this helps your iSpring courses. Happy eLearning!