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e-Learning on Tablets: Three Advantages of Using Tablets for Schools

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Technology in education has evolved from learning on black boards to learning on interactive whiteboards. Today, education is expanding to include e-Learning on tablets, desktops or laptops. There are three advantages to schools choosing tablets for e-Learning.


1. Tablets can help students stay up to date with the ever-changing world.

In an article written by National Education Association Today, Leann Widhalm, a special education teacher in Nebraska, explains that she is able to use the tablet to quickly get material to her students. “I can call our technology director in the evening and have her push out the latest version of material and within ten minutes my kids have a new application,” Widhalm said.

Students can also use the Internet on their tablets to complete class assignments and homework. In Chicago, a teacher had her students use an application on their tablets to learn about current events. She told the students to use the Internet to research the events they read about in the application and then make a Power Point presentation.

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2. Teachers can use the tablet to teach every student

Not every student learns the same way, and students who have a disability might have a difficult time learning the same information as their peers. Tablets can help students get past this difficulty by providing different forms to teach a subject. Teachers can use e-Learning on tablets to show videos or let their students play games to make it easier for them to understand the material if they are not able to grasp it using a textbook.

3. Tablets are a cheaper alternative to textbooks

School districts are able to save a large amount of money when they switch to tablets with electronic textbooks instead of traditional textbooks. A school in Wisconsin saved $13,000 after their school district made the decision to replace their 80 biology books and 137 science books with tablets, saving them $60 per book. The tablets come with free electronic books and will only cost the school $130,000. As a result of the purchase, the school did not have to increase their budget but afforded the iPads after collecting funds from other areas.

Can you think of any other advantages of using tablets in schools? Join the conversation, we’d love to hear them!

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