DevLearn 2013 was off the charts!

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This was iSpring’s 5 year anniversary at DevLearn. We had mixed feelings about this! Joy and happiness. Not surprisingly, comparing year after year, we can attest to the fact that we have become a proud fixture at DevLearn.

Las Vegas, as usual, has a dizzying array of sights, attractions and simply put, it’s just fun to come to Vegas.

DevLearn 2013 was our opportunity to unveil our new robust tool for eLearning authoring, iSpring Presenter 7. One of the 11th commandments is arguably, either you disrupt the marketplace or the marketplace disrupts you. Presenter 7 is a new, hot game changer – and it actually works. For those of you who are deeply immersed in this ecosystem I hope that cracks a smile.


Ok. One more interesting serendipitous point. We never knew that Russian branded nesting dolls were so cool. I know things can sell like hotcakes but branded nesting dolls? We thoroughly enjoyed offering these dolls, gratis of course, to our preferred clients.  The committee of “they” says that Oreos are the most addictive. Unscientifically speaking of course… I am really not sure anymore, branded nesting dolls might now be the new addictive Oreos.


Our awesome eLearning brothers who painted the whole event orange became one more Las Vegas sight that day.


Jokes and jocularity aside! We are proud that our products let people create mobile-ready courses and speed up their day-to-day tasks and thus “spring” their business to life.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon. What do you think?

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