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Case Study: Rocking the Insurance Industry with iSpring

4 minutes
Creating Videos and Quizzes for the Insurance Industry

Donna Huffman is a Media Communications Specialist at McGohan Brabender, one of the largest independent health insurance brokers in Cincinnati, Columbus, & Dayton, OH. Donna is the clients’ contact for everything and helps them present their benefits persuasively.

Here’s how making videos and quizzes in iSpring helps Donna and her clients save time and meet business challenges.


One of our large clients with over 3,000 employees requested we help them with their new hire program by creating a series of videos and quizzes regarding their benefits. Our programmer created a website using a 3rd-party server. We added the videos I made, and the programmer set up the quizzes. We continually had issues with the server being down or the videos not streaming and were at the mercy of the 3rd party as to how long it would take to fix the issues. Our programmer’s schedule was already full, so when issues came, there was also a waiting period. This does not make for a happy client.


I began to research for another way to provide our client with what they needed. I came across iSpring Solutions on Google. After sending them an email asking questions, I was immediately impressed with their quick response and the answers they gave. They set me up with the iSpring Suite trial so I could test the idea, and everything went smoothly from the start. I was easily able to create videos and quizzes for each benefit myself, requiring help from no one.


From here, I redid the client’s project and set everything up in iSpring Learn LMS. I then sent the client the link, username and password and asked them to check it out. To say the least, they were impressed and we have been using iSpring for their new hire process for over 2 years now. The process we developed using iSpring is not only saving them time and money, but it is making an otherwise boring topic interactive and fun. Plus, you can generate reports for each user to see their results.

Last year, one of this client’s HR people, who worked with me on this project, left the company and began working for another one of our larger clients. This client has over 2,390 employees. The HR person was so impressed with how iSpring worked for the last employer, she introduced it to her new employer. Once again, iSpring allowed us to set up a trial account and I created a few videos and quizzes. Once again they were overjoyed at how engaging this was for the new hire and how it would save them time and money. Think about it, would you want to sit in front of someone for hours listening to them talk about boring insurance benefits or watch a video at your convenience and take a fun, interactive quiz? It’s a no-brainer!

I highly recommend iSpring Solutions for their product and their service. Need an easy-to-use product? They have it. Need a company that responds to your questions quickly? They do this. And everyone I’ve spoken with at iSpring, whether it’s via email or phone, has been patient, courteous, and very helpful.

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