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How to insert Flash into PowerPoint 2016

In this guide, you will learn how to insert a Flash (SWF) file into a PowerPoint presentation in two different ways. If you use earlier versions of PowerPoint, you can find the links to the corresponding articles below:

First of all, if you're using Windows 7 or earlier operating systems, make sure you have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer and that the ActiveX control is registered. Without these initial settings, Flash movies cannot be displayed in PowerPoint. Also note that this will not work for PowerPoint Viewer (a free alternative to MS Office) and PowerPoint on Mac.

An easier alternative

To quickly embed a Flash movie into your presentation, follow these steps:

  1. 1

    Download a free trial of iSpring Converter Pro 8.

  2. 2

    Open your presentation in PowerPoint and go to the iSpring Converter 8 tab.

  3. 3

    Click on the Flash Movie button and select an SWF file on your computer to insert. It’s as easy as that.

    The Flash Movie button on the iSpring Converter Pro 8 ribbon

The capabilities of iSpring Converter Pro go beyond simply adding Flash files. With this software, you can:

  • Instantly add Flash, YouTube video or any Web Object

  • Accurately convert PPT presentations to Flash, HTML5*, MP4, and EXE

  • Record and edit audio narrations

  • Protect presentations from copying or unauthorized access

  • … and more.

* If you publish to HTML5, iSpring will not convert the inserted Flash into HTML5 format. For example, if your HTML5 presentation has an embedded .swf, it will not be visible when viewing on an iPad or other portable device. When viewing on a PC or Mac, Flash interactions will play normally as part of an HTML5 presentation.

Insert with PowerPoint (complex)

In order to insert a Flash .swf file using PowerPoint, follow these steps:

Add the Developer tab

By default, this tab is not added to your PowerPoint ribbon. If you already have it added, skip this step.

  1. 1

    Right-click on a blank space on the ribbon and select Customize the Ribbon.

    Customizing the Ribbon in PowerPoint 2016

  2. 2

    In the open dialog box, mark the Developer checkbox, then click on OK.

    The PowerPoint Options window

Insert a Shockwave Flash Object

  1. 1

    Open a PowerPoint presentation or create a new one, then select a slide where you want to insert Flash.

  2. 2

    Now under the Developer tab in the Controls section, click on the More Controls icon.

    The More Controls icon on the PowerPoint 2016 toolbar

  3. 3

    Scroll down, select Shockwave Flash Object and click on OK.

    Inserting a Shockwave Flash Object into PowerPoint 2016

  4. 4

    Draw a rectangle on the slide that will be the placeholder for your .swf Flash file. You can resize the placeholder by dragging its handles.

    Resizing the Flash movie box in PowerPoint

  5. 5

    Right-click on the placeholder and select Property Sheet.

    Choosing Property Sheet for a Flash movie in PowerPoint

  6. 6

    You will see the Properties dialog box. Next to Movie, enter the full path to the SWF file, including the filename and extension. You can either insert a SWF file from your computer (e.g., C:\movie.swf) or from a website (e.g., http://www..com/movie.swf). Set EmbedMovie to True.

    The properties of a Flash movie in PowerPoint

  7. 7

    The Properties window has a few other settings for fine-tuning the movie playback:

    • Set the Playing value to True if you want the Flash movie to start playing automatically.

    • Set the Loop value to True if you want the Flash movie to start over automatically after the playback is finished.

  8. 8

    Close the Properties dialog box. To see the animation in action instead of a white placeholder, click on the SlideShow button under the View tab, or press F5 on your keyboard. To start the slideshow from the current slide, press Shift+F5.

Once again, an alternative way that makes embedding Flash files as well as other options in PowerPoint much easier is to use iSpring Converter Pro 8. It allows you to insert Flash Movies, YouTube videos, and Web Objects, and fine-tune their playback in no time.

This video tutorial shows you how to add and preview a Flash movie in PowerPoint in just one minute:

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