Convert PowerPoint to HTML5 and MP4 Video


PowerPoint to HTML5

iSpring Converter Pro converts PowerPoint-presentations to HTML5 using HyperPoint technology. After conversion, your presentation will be available for viewing on any mobile device with all effects preserved.


PowerPoint to MP4

Convert PowerPoint to an MP4 video that can be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo or any other video hosting service. The video version of your presentation will contain all your PowerPoint effects, plus inserted audio and video.

Manage the Size of the Output File

You can use the standard conversion settings, which are ideal for most presentations. Or, if you want to reduce the size of the output file, you can adjust the compression settings for images, video and audio inserted into the presentation.

Compress animation in PPT

Your Presentation Will Work on Any Platform!

Presentations converted with iSpring Converter Pro are ready for viewing on any device:

Windows PC

Apple Mac

Android Tablet

Adaptive Design

It’s enough to convert your presentation just once, and it will look great on any device. There are three players built into every converted presentation: a desktop/laptop player, a tablet player, and a smartphone player. Each player’s navigation elements (buttons, progress bar, etc.) will adjust to the screen size of the device on which the presentation is played.

PPT adapt to the device

Preview Your Presentation on Different Devices

To make sure your presentation plays well on any device, iSpring Converter Pro includes a preview function for different screen sizes. With this function, you can ensure that your presentation will be correctly displayed on smartphones, tablets, and notebooks after conversion.

How to preview PowerPoint presentation

Play Presentations on Your iPad or Android. Even Offline.

iSpring Play is a free mobile app for saving converted presentations on your mobile device for viewing at any time, even without internet access.

iSpring Play download free

Energize Your Presentation

Use Video on Your Slides, Including YouTube and Vimeo

Insert any video from the Internet onto your slides: for example, YouTube or Vimeo.

Video, YouTube, Vimeo in PPT

Insert live, navigable web pages

Add webpages to your presentation that can be viewed directly on the slides, or opened in a separate browser window.

Live, navigable web pages in PPT

Enhance Your Presentation with a Customizable Player

With the Universal Player, your presentation won't be just naked slides: your viewers will have access to navigation features, information about your company, drawing tools, and more.

Add navigation, information about company, drawing tools into slides

Attach Additional Files and Links

Add additional resources to your presentation, like web links or document files in .pdf, . xls, or .jpg format. The list of documents will appear in a pop-up window with a single click.


Add Information About Presenter

Enter some details about each presenter: name, position, email, phone, photo, and the name, logo, and website of the company they work at. This information can be displayed by clicking a button on the top panel, or placed in the sidebar of the presentation.


Customize Navigation Elements

With iSpring Converter Pro, you can fine-tune all the navigation elements for your presentation: enable or disable the seek bar, customize the display of the slide numbers, configure navigation buttons and volume control, and also localize all button labels and dialogs to your preferred language.


Add a Table of Contents

iSpring Converter Pro lets you add a separate panel to your presentation with a table of contents. You can choose where it will be displayed, enable or disable the search function, show slide numbers, and highlight viewed slides.

Set Color Scheme

Configure the colors which will be used in your presentation player. iSpring Converter Pro offers a full library of ready-made color schemes, and also lets you create your own custom color scheme and save it for future use.

Color template for PPT slides

Use Marker Tools

To highlight the important moments of your presentation, you can use drawing tools (pen, highlighter and eraser) which are accessible when you view your converted presentations.

Pen, highlighter and eraser in PPT slides

Control the Presentation Structure

iSpring Converter Pro provides convenient functionality for presentation management. Arrange slides into a hierarchy, specify slide duration, and configure detailed navigation through your slides, including branched scenarios.

Manage slide navigation

Protect Your Presentation from Unauthorized Access

PowerPoint restrict access

Add a Watermark

iSpring Converter Pro lets you add a watermark on your slides. Just select an image from your computer, choose a location for it on your slides, and set the transparency. You can also choose a webpage to redirect the user to when s/he clicks on it.


Set a Password

If you would like to restrict access to your presentation, you can create a password and give it out to a select group of people. When anyone opens your presentation, it will first prompt them to enter the password.


Restrict Access to Your Presentation by Time

iSpring Converter Pro lets you set a time interval in which the published presentation will be available for viewing. Just select a start date and/or end date, and users will only be able to view your content between those dates.


Limit Websites Where Your Presentation Plays

To protect your presentations from unauthorized distribution, you can limit the number of domains and subdomains on which your presentation can be played. If someone tries to upload your presentation to a non-sanctioned domain, an error message will be shown when it is opened.

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