February 10, Wednesday 12:00 pm EST
Duration: 1 hour

PowerPoint design techniques to make beautiful and effective content

We’ll host an expert webinar on creating interactive eLearning content next week and you are invited to join us!

Training presentations and eLearning often suffer from the same problem – too much text and not enough engaging content, resulting in dull, click-through learning. Everyone largely recognizes this now, but not everyone knows the practical steps to create more dynamic, more visual, and more interactive content without spending lots of time and money to do so.

That’s why we invited Richard Goring, a well-known expert in visual presentation techniques, to join us. He will reveal an extremely cool way to create beautiful and engaging content, and that is to use PowerPoint. No, really!

During the webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • make ordinary presentations dynamic and interactive
  • use PPT to its maximum potential to capture your audience’s attention
  • develop visual storytelling sequences
  • build informal knowledge checks
  • Come along to this masterclass packed with live demonstrations on how to create compelling presentations for successful training in a virtual environment.

    See you at the webinar!

Richard Goring
Director at BrightCarbon
Richard is a Director at BrightCarbon, the specialist presentation and eLearning agency. He has helped to write and create thousands of presentations, and coached hundreds of teams to present more effectively using visuals, diagrams, and animated sequences that explain and reinforce the key points.

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