Make It Meaningful: Engagement by Design

No one has ever said, "My content is getting too much engagement!" If you want to boost learners’ interest, it’s a good idea to turn to Learning Experience Design.

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February 25, Thursday

12:00 pm EST

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Make It Meaningful: Engagement by Design


Clark Quinn, Ph.D.

Author and eLearning consultant


1 hour

Creating meaningful learning experiences requires two things: the use of learning science and the successful integration of engagement. And, to be clear, this means more than just quiz shows and ‘click to see more,’ but instead is about tapping into true motivation. While there’s good guidance on the learning science side, the emotional component is too often neglected.

Clark Quinn, an internationally renowned eLearning consultant, will help you fill such gaps and take your courses from ordinary to desirable. Join him for a live webinar next week!

During the webinar, we’ll explore:

  • The rationale for motivation
  • Necessary elements for building engagement
  • A viable framework for hooking and maintaining interest

Join us next Thursday to discover the new ways to engage learners by design.

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About the presenter

Clark Quinn, Ph.D.

Dr. Quinn provides learning experience design strategy to corporations, institutions of higher education, governments, and not-for-profit organizations. An award-winning consultant, internationally known speaker, and author of six books, he integrates a deep understanding of thinking and learning with technology to improve organizational execution, innovation, and, ultimately, performance. He learns ‘out loud’ at, tweets as @quinnovator, and works on behalf of clients through Quinnovation.

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