September 29, Wednesday 1:00 pm AEST 1 hour

How to set up triggers & animations in your course: PPT vs iSpring

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Alice Shaw

eLearning expert at iSpring


1 hour

You might have noticed that a large number of really useful courses suffer from one serious issue: they can sometimes be extremely boring. And boredom is a bad thing for your courses and your learners — engage them!

A great solution here is to add interactivity with triggers and animated slides. Triggers will launch your ideas and animation will make them look great. Use ’em (triggers/animation) or lose ’em (learners)!

But you need to be careful — triggers and animation can not only cure the problem, but can also prove fatal. So, use them wisely! Join our special free webinar to plumb the depths of animation art and the trigger setup techniques.

We’ll share our wisdom very soon — don’t forget to join!

You will learn:

  • What animations are and how they are used in instructional design.
  • The difference between effective and poor animation.
  • How to create animations in PowerPoint.
  • How to create animations and interactions in iSpring Suite.
  • Some extras and special tricks.

Register now to bring more interactivity and engagement to your courses.

About the presenter

Alice Shaw

Alice is an eLearning expert at iSpring who always addresses clients’ eLearning needs in a way that results in the ideal result. She’s confident that appropriate eLearning solutions will help them reach their eLearning goals and realize success quickly.

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