January 24, Tuesday

10:00 AM GMT


How to set up iSpring Learn LMS: An A-to-Z guide

How do you share courses with your learners?

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Have you heard of iSpring Learn LMS that works perfectly with your iSpring authoring tool? It's a great platform that will help you streamline your content delivery and automate different aspects of the training process.

Join our webinar to get a detailed overview of iSpring Learn LMS. We’ll cover onboarding a new hire and show you how this can be super easy and fast for both you and your employee.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:
  • Upload and structure your content
  • Build a learning program
  • Add learners and enroll them into courses
  • Set up automatic enrollment into courses
  • Create blended learning
  • Adjust your LMS branding to your corporate colors
  • Evaluate learners’ performance to provide them with better content 
See you at the webinar!

About the presenter

Arina Vass

Customer Service Team Lead at iSpring

Arina is a Customer Service Team Lead at iSpring who manages a large international team, that speaks multiple languages and is ready to help 24/7. She is happy to share her product expertize and real practices.

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