June 26, Tuesday 12:00 pm 1 hour

How to create visually appealing content with much less effort

How to create visually appealing content with much less effort



1 hour

Do you have to create your courses from scratch? I bet it takes too much time, doesn’t it? Here is a tip for you: To simplify the process of course creation, take advantage of the exclusive iSpring Content Library with a vast collection of templates, assets, and objects.

To learn all about this option, I invite you to join this webinar!

At this practical session, an iSpring expert will:

  • talk about what the Content Library is and and in which cases it will be helpful
  • share with you some essential tips about the Content Library so you can get going right away
  • create a course from scratch using the iSpring Content Library

After this webinar, you should be able to use the Content Library like a pro and create beautiful courses in a snap!

As an expert I have invited Sofia Nikulina, Senior Tech Support Engineer. She has delivered a few workshops already, which our audience enjoyed greatly, and will be happy to uncover this topic for you!

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