April 27, Wednesday 2:00 pm AEST 1 hour

How RTOs can minimize non-compliance and stay in business

How RTOs can minimize non-compliance and stay in business


Vanessa McCarthy

Managing Director of Prickly2sweet


1 hour

The world has changed, and industries have either flourished or collapsed. The VET sector got turned on its head regarding sources of students and methods of delivery and assessment. Compliance requirements, however, have remained the same – although the focus has shifted to online data analysis.

In this webinar, Vanessa McCarthy will provide insights on how registered training organizations (RTOs) can stay compliant in modern conditions.

You will learn:
  • What compliance requirements are needed in online training and assessment
  • What compliance should be monitored and how
  • How to find compliance data in all stages of the learners’ journey
  • How to use platforms to measure compliance

About the presenter

Vanessa McCarthy

Vanessa is an innovator, company owner, director, and entrepreneur who works in assessment review and RTO compliance. She created Valid8ed™️ and @Prickly2sweet™️, the first online assessment review system that maps and gap analyzes assessment resources to provide clear, measurable data on compliance.

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