November 15, Tuesday 11:00 am EST 1 hour

How Employee Training Boosts Sales, Customer Loyalty, and ROI

How Employee Training Boosts Sales, Customer Loyalty, and ROI


Mary Beth Garcia

Owner & CEO at MOHR Retail

Natalie Taylor

eLearning expert at iSpring


1 hour

Mary Beth Garcia will talk about why it is important to invest in service skills training, and what benefits it will bring to your business in the future.

Aside from increased customer satisfaction and improved customer experience, investing in frontline staff training will increase employee loyalty, reduce employee turnover, and lower operational costs.

At the webinar you will learn:
- What frontline associates training is and why it’s important
- The benefits of retail training
- How training affects the success of a retail business
- Common challenges you may face
- How online learning improves performance rates
- How to build a training strategy

The webinar will be held in the format of an interview and live communication, so you will have a unique opportunity to ask experts your questions.

About the presenter

Mary Beth Garcia

Mary Beth has worked with a variety of retail and hospitality clients as a strategic partner, delivering leadership, communications, retail programs, consulting, and executive coaching for such diverse companies as Altar’d State, Ace Hardware, LVMH Ulta, and Whole Foods Market.

Natalie Taylor

Natalie is a lifelong learner with a passion for education in general and eLearning in particular. She believes that using the right eLearning strategies for corporate training, together with the proper software tools, can help businesses grow and succeed.

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