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October 20, Thursday

12:00 PM EDT


Four Great eLearning Sims you Won't Believe Were Made in iSpring

If you have iSpring's TalkMaster, you have the ability to give your students incredible experiential learning experiences.

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Clark Aldrich will show you four Short Sims that will change transform your understanding of eLearning.  In less than an hour, you will understand why more organizations are moving away from lectures and workbooks and going "Sim First" for most of their future content plans. 

Aldrich will also take your questions throughout the presentation about anything related to Short Sims, from creation to deployment.

See you at the webinar!

About the presenter

Clark Aldrich

American author and practitioner in the field of elearning

Clark Aldrich has spent over two decades building award winning simulations, and his leadership simulations have been featured on CNN, USA Today, The New York Times, CNET, Wired Magazine, CBS, The Wall Street Journal, NPR, and ABC. He also offers an Off-The-Shelf Leadership for New Managers Suite of Short Sims. Learn more at

By registering for this event, you agree to these terms & conditions.

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